Tapin Plymouth


This project was concluded in December 2022.


Tap-in Plymouth is a new digital campaign based on the science of multiple amounts of microinteractions, launched as a pilot by Plymouth Culture with 12 partner organisations including British Art Show 9.

Hundreds of Quick Response (QR) codes have popped-up all over the city for the project, which is simple and quick for people to engage in.

How it works

Making everything in Plymouth happen from an entertainment, art and cultural perspective, takes an immense amount of work, time, energy and funding. And the backbone of the city is the people, and the places, that put everything on for the public.

Now Tap-in Plymouth provides a quick and simple way for everyone with a smart phone to help the collective effort, and to illustrate their enthusiasm for experiencing more of this across the city. Twelve key partners, many involved with British Art Show 9, are part of the initial pilot which will run from October until December this year.

Tap-in Plymouth is based on the science of microinteraction: A small interaction repeated over time builds data and insight, showing support and demand. All people need to do to mark the power of their ongoing microinteractions, is quickly register by using their phone to scan the QR codes found online or at the partners events and venues around the city and tap-in a very small amount of information about themselves.

Who is taking part

    The Tap-in places are: The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth, The Box, MIRROR at Arts University Plymouth, KARST, Take a Part, CAMP, Marjon Arts Centre at Plymouth Marjon University, Barbican Theatre Plymouth, Theatre Royal Plymouth, FLOCK, Leadworks, The Junction.

    Hannah Harris of Plymouth Culture has commissioned Tap-In Plymouth on behalf of city partners, and she visited some of the 12 organisations for the project’s launch, with a QR code on a bike, courtesy of Plymouth Zedify Plymouth, tapping-in at each via big QR posters within each venue and with some of the pop-up event organisers.

    Hannah said: “There’s just so much happening right across Plymouth. EVERYTHING is going on, all the time. From the British Art Show to the awe-inspiring immersive dome, from local music concerts to live global events, every single day gives Plymouth residents a chance to soak it all up and have a great time, doing what they love the most.”

    “It’s all right here, on our doorstep. The only challenge is fitting it all into our weeks and weekends! And now there’s a new way for the people of this great city to show their love, support and thanks for everyone that’s making everything happen.”

    Many of the arts venues in the city are part of the Tap-in pilot including the four BAS9 host venues: KARST, The Box, MIRROR at Arts University Plymouth and The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth – along with a number of fringe and test spaces such as Leadworks, Barbican Theatre Plymouth, Marjon Arts Centre at Plymouth Marjon University and The Junction, as well as arts and community groups Take A Part, CAMP and FLOCK. If everyone going to a show, exhibition, event or concert in any of these places taps-in, every time they go there, it’ll help that venue know and understand who its audiences are, and what people are most interested in seeing and experiencing.”

    Supporting partner Donna Howard of KARST, says, “This is the first scheme in the UK where people can show their support for culture across the city where everyone can get involved. It’s another way of showing just how strong, and vibrant our creative community is here in Plymouth. We’re on an ongoing journey as a creative, cultural and entertainment-led city.

    With so many more cultural events happening across the city, we want to use audience voice, to inform and ensure the best and most relevant culture is being shows and enjoyed across our creative city.”

    “Plymouth Culture has developed Tap-in Plymouth with a local talented digital-making team so that everyone in the city can now tap-into their favourite places to show their support for the amazing city that is Plymouth. We’re on an ongoing journey as a creative, cultural and entertainment-led city – and there’s more, more, more happening all the time. And the makers and shakers of the city want to bring everyone more and more of what they love.”

    Additional supporting partner Donna Maughan from Leadworks says, “Especially in these tough economic times, the more tap-ins we get, the more we know what people are coming to, and what the people of Plymouth are turning out for. Every Tap-in really helps us, encourages us and allows us to grow and flourish.”
    “Everyone got used to tapping-into places with the NHS app, and lots of bars and restaurants now use QR codes so that people can access their menus. So, in just the same way, it simply takes a second or two, to just take out your smart phone and tap-into brilliant places and spaces like the Theatre Royal, any of the British Art Show venues, or brilliant venues like The Junction and Leadworks. This is another amazing innovation from Plymouth and by coming together to create a mega amount of city-wide microinteractions over the next three months, we’ll be able to show exactly what local people love the most, and what they want to see more of.”

    More information

    Further info about how to get involved with Tap-in Plymouth is available on this website: www.tapinplymouth.co.uk