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Our position and setting out our plan for the Covid-19 crisis

Coronavirus: Our position, what we are doing

The unprecedented consequences of the Covid-19 crisis has impacted on the world of arts and culture perhaps like no other event in modern history.

Venues have been forced to shut their doors, creative spaces are closed and freelancers and businesses in our sector are understandably anxious about what the next few months hold. It is also becoming apparent that this is not going to simply end in a few months, the ripple will last for years.

Plymouth Culture was created to support arts and culture and those who work in it. Our community is almost unique in the way it collaborates and strives to act as a collective – in good times and bad.

To that end, we have acted as swiftly as possible to provide you with immediate support and to consider the future and how the sector emerges and recovers.

To be frank, our immediate priority is your survival. Plymouth Culture has developed this online space to provide access to information, advice. And support. We are also hosting online meetings with partners and those working in the sector to offer support and gather information that provides a stronger voice to lobby at a national level.

We will update both our website and social media feeds with information and resources and contact you directly where appropriate with material we hope will help support you.

In the medium term, we hope to be able to support individuals, profile the city and connect the city to other support structures. By shining a light on your work and creating a platform that showcases Plymouth’s cultural excellence we hope to convey how the city can thrive as we emerge from the crisis.

We’re also aware that despite these troubled times artists are still connecting with audiences, keeping our local culture alive with a determination that is nothing short of inspirational. We want to help project this digital innovation to as many people as possible while creating a collection of your work that serves as a reminder of the enduring power of the arts even in the darkest times.

If necessity is the mother of invention, history has shown us that isolation can often be a catalyst for an artist’s creativity – we want to capture that. We’ll let you know how we’ll do this soon.

In the long term we want to use this time efficiently to provide a path to recovery, that gives the sector a structure from which it can thrive as society finds its feet in the months to come. We are determined to ensure that we learn from this to create a new norm that we can be proud of as a city. In short, we intend to do all that we can to give you the strategic support necessary so that arts and culture emerges with a bright future.

If you would like to talk to us about your current situation and the impact of COVID-19 please do get in touch.

Hannah Harris
Plymouth Culture

Hannah Harris
Plymouth Culture