Made In Plymouth is run by Plymouth Culture and is the home for talking about Plymouth’s booming creative scene.  Find out about the great cultural projects, events and organisations which are shaping our vibrant city, or become involved as a contributor.

Made In Plymouth

Made In Plymouth is run by Plymouth Culture and features stories from Plymouth’s creative scene. You can pick up a copy of our magazine or visit the website at We publish the magazine quarterly and do our best to give a broad view of some of the cultural activities in Plymouth, showcase the talents of our Made In Plymouth Contributors, and promote the skills of creative artists and makers working in the city.

Made In Plymouth Contributors

Are you looking for opportunities to use your writing, photography or film-making skills? Do you want to have access to some great opportunities such as arts writing workshops, paid article commissions and excellent networking events? You should consider becoming a contributor for Made In Plymouth – find out more here.

Made In Plymouth is the place for discovering and talking about the creative and cultural stories in the city – come and take a look at what’s happening in Plymouth.