Explaining Public Liability Insurance and Property Insurance. 

Artists and arts organisations need to consider having appropriate insurances to protect themselves against loss or legal claims. Inexpensive insurance policies that are specifically developed for artists and arts organisations are available, and can cover you for damages to your work, studio, equipment and materials, or protect you in the case of an accident while you are working with the public.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects against legal costs arising from damages to members of the public or third party property. For artists and arts organisations, examples of this could include:

  • Personal injury to a participant taking part in a workshop
  • Personal injury to a visitor to your gallery or studio space
  • Damage to property or equipment which does not belong to you, while making your work

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers damage against your place of work whether studio or gallery space, artworks, materials and equipment. Examples of claims under this could include:

  • Damage to artworks in transit
  • Theft of equipment
  • Fire damage to materials

Additional Artists Insurances

You may wish to consider additional coverage depending on your circumstances. This could include:

  • Cover for loss of earnings due to sickness
  • High value mobile items eg laptops and cameras
  • High value materials such as precious metals and gemstones

Our Advice 

  • Artists are often expected to have public liability insurance if commissioned to work in the public realm.
  • As with any insurance, check any exclusions from your policy.
  • Many policies charge an excess, which means you are liable for some of the claim before the insurance company pay the rest.
  • If presenting events or exhibitions in your home, this may be covered by your home insurance.
  • We recommend joining A-N, membership of which includes public liability insurance up to £5 million for artists and arts organisers. Membership is only £36 per year. 
  • ArtQuest have created a handy page of links to other arts insurers and arts insurance professionals.