Crowdfunding is an incredibly useful and powerful tool for arts projects. Not only can you raise much needed funds for your project, crowdfunding is also a brilliant method of raising public support and publicity.

This page will guide you through running a crowdfunder, including some of the unique crowdfunding opportunities available in Plymouth through The City Change Fund and Crowdfund Plymouth.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method which allows people to support your project by making donations. You can create a page for your project and decide what rewards people will receive for donating different amounts of money. Crowdfunding campaigns normally run for a set amount of time (one month usually), and you decide how much money you need to raise. If you don’t gain enough donations, your project closes and all the money is returned to the donators. Projects can be over-funded, and normally you would state where the extra funds will be spent. There are many different websites to host and run crowdfunding campaigns, but we recommend for projects based in Plymouth (more on that later).

Crowdfunding Guide

Indiegogo have created a brilliant guide for leaning all about running a successful crowdfunder – we fully recommend reading their advice!

Artists and Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder has partnered with Arts Council England to create a £125,000 fund for artists, which could see your artistic project benefit from up to and extra £10,000 of match-funding!

Crowdfunding in Plymouth

Plymouth has a unique approach to crowdfunding through Plymouth City Council, and The City Change Fund. This means that if your project is aimed at benefiting the people of Plymouth and aligns with The City Change Fund’s criteria, it could be eligible for additional match funding of up to £5,000 from Plymouth City Council.

Successful Examples

What does a successful crowdfunding campaign look like? Take a look at these fully-funded examples in Plymouth.