Plymouth Culture helps to deliver a number of projects across the city and further afield. Find out more about what we’ve been working on.

Mayflower 400 Community Sparks Fund

A new fund that will give community groups across Plymouth a chance to get on board with Mayflower 400.

Mayflower 400

Mayflower 400 is a unique opportunity for Plymouth. Our city has been named by the UK Government as the lead city for the Mayflower commemorations in 2020. Plymouth Culture is helping to provide support and connections to cultural and creative projects happening in the city, and also to offer a link to regional, national and international opportunities.


Horizon will be a game-changing programme of activity for Plymouth, placing the city firmly as a leading cultural destination and developing major international festival expertise in the lead up to Mayflower 400 and the opening of the £34 million History Centre in 2020. Horizon is an ambitious, two-year visual arts programme which will deliver four major arts festivals and events, skills and talent development for artists and producers, and will allow communities to commission visual art.


Go Beyond: a Visual Art Plan for Plymouth

In partnership with Plymouth City Council, Visual Arts South West, city arts organisations and local artists, Plymouth Culture has been helping to develop an ambitious visual art plan for the city. Find out more about our vision for Plymouth to become an international visual arts destination.

The Public Art Plan

Plymouth Culture and arts organisations from across the city worked with award-winning arts producers Situations to develop The Public Art Plan. Situations’ world-leading experience in public art helped the group to tease out the vision for Public Art in the city and create ‘The Plymouth Principles’, a guide to inspiring, supporting and nurturing Public Art developments in Plymouth.