creative leadership



Mentoring is a supportive relationship between someone with specialist skills and experience and someone who wants to learn from these insights. A mentor can be a sounding board, providing an alternate perspective on your creative leadership journey, and gently challenge you to think and act differently in order to achieve your goals.

There were 20 mentoring places awarded via the Creative Leadership Programme. Ten of these places were via open call. Another ten places were nominated by arts and culture organisations in Plymouth and the surrounding area. We invited a range of different organisations to nominate so we could connect with people who didn’t see themselves as creative leaders (even though they are!) or perhaps don’t tend to apply for opportunities.

Here are the 20 mentoring awardees:

  • Chi Bennett, Wonderzoo
  • Sophie Croft, Libraries Unlimited
  • Will Kemp, Dartington Trust
  • Emily Roach Osborne, freelance artist
  • Cristina Varga, freelance theatre practitioner
  • Devon Tipping, Community in Print
  • Nadine Proost, Nudge Community Builders
  • Polly Ferguson-Carruthers, Doorstep Arts
  • Yudi Wu, Maketank
  • Adam Murray, The Box
  • Mike Snook, Livewire
  • Maryam Pourain, Dance for Life Devon CIC
  • Erika Cann, Exeter Phoenix
  • Azza Gasim, freelance artist & curator
  • Jess Mallory, freelance artist,
  • Linzie Wishart, Wellbeing Choir
  • Shelley Hodgson, Take A Part
  • Bee Jarvis, Theatre Royal, Beyond Face
  • Donna Maughan, Leadworks
  • Laura Cantliff, Far Flung Dance

We’ll be sharing more info about the mentoring awardees, and their mentors, over the next few months. 

We’d like to thank all the nominating organisations: Libraries Unlimited, Beyond Face, Wonderzoo, Nudge Community Builders, Doorstep Arts, Maketank, Livewire, Far Flung Dance and Leadworks.