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Thank you NHS

Lockdown Diary

Katie Oborn

‘Things will never be the same again.’ I’ve heard several people saying this as we commence through the third week of lockdown. Whether this will be true remains to be seen in the passage of time.

Strangely, as I consider myself an extrovert, I have not yet missed people as much as I thought I would. The weather has been very warm and sunny and I’ve been appreciating my short bursts of time outside. Teats Hill beach in Coxside has had some extremely low tides over the last few days, due to the gravitational pull of the current full super-moon, making it look different than usual. A scene of layers: sediment, seaweed and sea and the citadel looming in the skyline.

I’ve been for most of my daily walks alone as my partner is still working due to his employment being in a bike-shop and therefore exempt, people are allowed to cycle as permitted exercise, and some key workers will be cycling to work as there has been a substantial cutback in public transport services. In Coxside, which has the South West coast path and a cycle route running through it, there has been a big rise in joggers, cyclists and people walking through the area.

As the sunny Thursday afternoon becomes a pink tinted evening, Coxside residents will join the nationwide cheer of recognition for the NHS and all keyworkers on the frontline in the coronavirus pandemic. Every Thursday at 8pm people are encouraged to cheer, clap and thank the NHS and other heroes from their windows, balconies, gardens or at a safe distance from others on doorsteps or near to home.

Teats Hill Park, just seconds from where I live, looks out towards Plymouth Sound and the barbican. I wait there at 7.56pm, minutes before the applause starts, to begin with there is stillness and all that can be heard is seagulls and a wood-pigeon. Then the clapping starts and the energy within the community can be felt in the air. Boats in the harbour sound their horns, pots and pans are banged together.

Walking back towards my front door I manage to chat to a few local people that I know, from the pavement to their windows or from one side of the road to another ensuring a safe distance.

Interaction between people we know on Thursday evenings in this corner of Plymouth is valuable at this time and brings hope to the community as well as showing our gratitude for the NHS.

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