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Supermarket chaos

Lockdown Diary - MaRCH 23rd

Katie Oborn

It started weeks ago, before today’s official lockdown, panic buying shoppers stockpiling many more items than their usual shop.

Tension in the air can be sensed, supermarkets are busy and sometimes a hostile place to be. The sight of an elderly couple looking bewildered with an empty shopping basket imprints on my mind. There’s a feeling of wanting to get out of the store as soon as possible yet ending up without anything you actually need. No eggs to be found anywhere, no loo rolls and paracetamols sold out everywhere.

Food shortages seem to become a possibility all of a sudden and this is an unfamiliar worry that most people are not used to. The ‘old life’, before Covid-19, seems faded, safer and somewhat stress-free.

Covid-19 deaths recorded in UK hospitals are now at 336, the virus is beginning to take its hold and being in a supermarket seems a risky place to be in terms of potentially catching the infectious disease.

Walking back towards home from the city centre along nearly empty streets, I appreciate the slight warmth of the sun. Spring is stirring despite the declared pandemic, there are twelve swans sailing along in Sutton Harbour and two Canadian geese at the tides edge in the little East Quay.

At the corner shop near where I live the people working there, now wearing pale-blue face-masks, tell me there is no paracetamol left. I can see by the empty shelves that there is no loo rolls either, but they do have free-range Cornish eggs!

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