by | May 20, 2020

Lockdown Photodiary: Week 3

Lockdown Diary

Anita Benjamin, Fotonow photographer

Anita is a documentary photographer based in Plymouth that explores the significance of place and land as a dimension of human life, encompassing themes of cultural and social experiences and identity.

May 9 in Lockdown

A sign on a Plymouth residents garden fence shows appreciation for all key workers

The Plymouth Life Centre feels eerily quiet on a Saturday morning. With no entry signs for traffic depicted, there is a definite feeling that the Centre is out of bounds

Skate park closed as are all play areas

Travel by car for work (if you can’t work at home), food shopping or an emergency only

May 10 in Lockdown

Sunday evening, watching the Prime Minister’s latest address to the nation on the Coronavirus. Rules are relaxed a little, but hardly any change; more time can be spent outside and the essential travel signs are no longer displayed around town

May 17 in Lockdown

A subtle yet sobering reminder on a scenic walk past Ford Park Cemetery of how many people have lost their lives so far due to COVID-19 and the heart break it has brought to so many

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