by | Jun 16, 2020

Lockdown Photo Diary: Week 7

Lockdown Diary

Anita Benjamin, Fotonow photographer

Anita is a documentary photographer based in Plymouth that explores the significance of place and land as a dimension of human life, encompassing themes of cultural and social experiences and identity.

June 13 in Lockdown

The City Centre is quiet on a Saturday afternoon as it has been since the beginning of Lockdown, but there are signs of preparation for the reopening of non-essential shops that are able to  comply with the Covid secure guidelines, from Monday. Those of us desperate to visit a hairdresser will still have to wait a little longer.

It’s been 12 weeks since school finished abruptly for Year 11’s without taking their usual GCSE examinations and there are many more weeks ahead before A level studies hopefully resume in September. Meanwhile there are A level tasks being completed in preparation for post 16.

June 14 in Lockdown

A Sunday spent feeling a little bored and missing close ones. There is more we can do now; People can meet in groups of up to 6 outdoors, but we are still living with many restrictions.  It seems easier sometimes to stay at home than to try navigating around the restrictions, especially on those days when the weather isn’t so good. 

Since Covid and distancing, it has been illegal to enter somebody else’s house (except for a few exceptional reasons), making it also illegal to have sex with someone from a different household. As from yesterday people can now form support bubbles with one other household if they are adults who live alone or with dependent children; with no limit on distancing. This means that some couples who live apart will be able to visit and stay with each other. This is good news for some but not so for those who fall on the wrong side of it.

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