by | Jun 11, 2020

Lockdown Photo Diary: Week 6

Lockdown Diary

Anita Benjamin, Fotonow photographer

Anita is a documentary photographer based in Plymouth that explores the significance of place and land as a dimension of human life, encompassing themes of cultural and social experiences and identity.

June 6 in Lockdown

Cleaning materials are in abundance at home since Covid-19. Ensuring all surfaces are clean.

Although some schools have had a phased reopening for students,  School life is quite different. Play areas in Schools are still out of bounds.

With the safeguarding rules and legal requirements on what you can and can’t do to remain safe, sometimes life feels so restricted and I long for the freedoms pre Covid-19.

Clapping for the carers campaign has finished but people still show signs of encouragement for NHS staff and keyworkers.

People enjoying the space at central park with the majority still keeping the 2 metres distance.

Graffiti in Central park showing the mixed emotions of different people during this time.

June 6 in Lockdown

In contrast to the City with the daily reminders of living in a pandemic (signs, queuing, mask wearing, keeping 2 metre distance from people on the streets etc), a day in the countryside with solitude in nature restores my sense of balance.

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