by | May 29, 2020

Lockdown photodiary: Week 4

Lockdown Diary

Anita Benjamin, Fotonow photographer

Anita is a documentary photographer based in Plymouth that explores the significance of place and land as a dimension of human life, encompassing themes of cultural and social experiences and identity.

May 18 in Lockdown

My pet’s medication about to be placed on the step outside the veterinary surgery for collection. No entry into the surgery except for emergencies. Animals are given their vaccinations in the car park.

May 23 in Lockdown

Walking along Mutley Plain I see signs are changing in estate agents windows, reflecting the governments green light for estate agents to return to work, but to stay alert

My son’s 16th birthday. Gifts from a family member placed on the floor and bag handed over gingerly whilst trying to maintain a 2 metre distance

Hiding Lockdown hair on his birthday. Eagerly waiting for the barbers to re-open at some point in the near future

Instead of the normal gathering of friends and family to celebrate my son’s birthday, greetings and love are mostly sent in cards or by phone and there is an unusual quietness at home

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