Calling all Creative Leaders!

We would like to celebrate and support creative leaders, and we have a fantastic and fully funded programme of opportunities and events to do just that!

We know Plymouth, and the surrounding area, has an abundance of creative leaders, and with this pilot project, we’d like to work with you on your leadership journey.

As you’re working with other people to make things happen, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on what support you need to develop as a creative leader.

The Creative Leadership Programme offers you an exciting opportunity of supported time to work on what matters to you in your leadership role.

There are four main strands to the Creative Leadership programme: Mentoring, Action Learning, Bursaries and Networking.

One to one Mentoring can be an excellent way to build on the skills and knowledge you already have, or define and achieve long or short term goals.

Action Learning is a fantastic way to get together with your peers, in a small group, supported by a facilitator, to work on real life work challenges in a confidential environment. And build an excellent future support network at the same time!

The Bursaries are designed to fund your choice of creative leadership learning and development.

And Networking – as well as two public Creative Leadership events (details coming soon), we’ll have monthly updates on other learning and development opportunities around the country. And the Creative Leadership Programme participants will also have the opportunity to meet each other and expand their networks.

We’ve worked with a brilliant Focus Group made up of Creative Leaders from across artforms and across the region, in shaping the Creative Leadership Programme. 

>> CLICK HERE read more about the Focus Group


You’re a leader if: you organise, you work with others to make things happen. You’re someone who works (freelance, salaried or voluntary) leading a one-off project; an organisation; a team of people.

And you’re a creative leader if: you also make things happen in arts & culture.

You might have set up a writing project working with young people; you might be a theatre production manager; you might lead a small team within a museum. Perhaps you’re a film director; an assistant curator; a music producer; a craft workshop manager.

If you work with people to make things happen in arts and culture, whether as a freelancer, a volunteer or a salaried worker – you are a creative leader!



Mentoring is a fantastic way to build on the skills and knowledge you already have, or define and achieve long or short term goals.



Explore your questions around either ‘Gaining Confidence as a Creative Leader’ or ‘Leading with Care and Empathy’ within two small supportive and facilitated groups with your peers. 



Learning and Development bursaries are designed to fund your choice of creative leadership opportunities to support your development journey. 



We have two public Creative Leadership events coming up, as well as networking opportunities for the Creative Leadership Programme participants. 

who can apply?

1. Applicants must live in the Plymouth ‘Travel to Work’ area which includes Plymouth, Torbay, Exeter, Tiverton, Launceston, Bude, Liskeard, and places in between.

See below for a map of the Plymouth ‘Travel to Work’ area.

2. Applicants must work (volunteer, freelance, salaried) in arts and culture:

– Visual Art
– Theatre
– Dance
– Music
– Writing (poetry, plays, novels, non fiction etc)
– Performance
– Film making
– Craft
– Design (including graphic design and illustration)
– Animation
– Libraries
– Museums
– Cultural education
Cultural Management/Cultural Development
– Heritage

If you’re unsure if you can apply, please contact Sophie Mellor for a friendly chat –