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Plymouth Culture Forum is designed to create space for discussion in these challenging times. The simple aim is to share information, gather intelligence to lobby for change and develop solutions through collaboration

The Forum is not intended to be exclusive and is open to all organisations and individuals operating within the arts, culture and heritage sector in Plymouth. If you would like to join a future Plymouth Culture Forum meeting please complete the registration form below and we will send you the link and joining information.

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Webinar – with Jude Kelly CBE

We were delighted to be joined by Jude Kelly CBE in our latest webinar, discussing:

What does leadership look like in a modern, 21st century city?

How does Plymouth harness creativity to position itself within a global context, and challenge some of our most pressing issues around inequality, sustainable growth, diversifying our sectors workforce and reacting to change (in a Covid-19 world)?




Watch the recent webinar from Counterculture on the post-Coronavirus opportunities and risks for cultural organisations and artists.

This webinar explores how the Covid-19 pandemic might affect the arts sector, including:

How can we build resilience and sustainability now? 

•   What steps should we be taking in terms of our operations and reporting, our advocacy and our team to create the best offer?

•   How can we sustain income when our ticket sales, other commercial income and fundraising are lapsing?

•   What can we do to do things better? 

•   How can we govern ourselves to support change?

Held in partnership with Plymouth Culture, Take A Part and the Barbican Theatre.