by | Aug 19, 2020

Moving away from lockdown

Lockdown Diary

Anita Benjamin, Fotonow photographer

Anita is a documentary photographer based in Plymouth that explores the significance of place and land as a dimension of human life, encompassing themes of cultural and social experiences and identity.

31 July Moving Away From Lockdown

Stopping for a coffee on Mutley Plain evidence of establishments maintaining the safety guidelines can be seen, with some seating being made unavailable to provide social distancing for customers.

05 August Moving Away From Lockdown

Walking around Plymouth there is an abundance of signage, some signs changing information and new signs appearing. At this pub there are signs showing new one way systems and guidelines, to ensure safety by keeping a social distance.

08 August Moving Away From Lockdown

At my local Dental Surgery new signs are added to old, informing patients that they are only treating the most urgent cases and offering less treatments.

Signs in surgery windows show routine Doctor appointments are cancelled with online and telephone consultations becoming the norm.

09 August Moving Away From Lockdown

Avoiding the busy beaches on a hot Saturday afternoon,  time is spent with visiting family in the garden. With both myself and my son working in the care industry, we heed the government guidelines to social distance and keep our bubbles small, to minimise the amount of other people we come in to contact with to help keep our clients, ourselves and others safe.

Although children under the age of eleven are exempt from wearing masks in public some children do wear masks, not only because they understand that it helps to slow the spread of COVID-19, but it can protect them and help to keep everyone healthy.

10 August Moving Away From Lockdown

A visit to a car dealership since lockdown was a little different with Sanitising stations on entrance and all new cars sanitised.

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