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August 2020

After Lockdown Diary

Katie Oborn

Plymouth market Stall 24 sells comfy slippers for working from home and face-coverings for visiting shops

Face masks are mandatory now in many indoor spaces and they’re everywhere! It’s slightly strange and I wonder how long it will go on for.

In Plymouth Market, face-masks must be worn

Adam and Heidi at AHF Workwear in Plymouth Market

At Stall 24 in Plymouth Market, on Friday July 24th, the day that face-coverings became obligatory in enclosed spaces I spoke to the couple that run AHF Workwear.

During the coronavirus lockdown Adam and Heidi Fielder at AHF Workwear adapted their items for sale to include a selection of face masks and shields. They also set up online retailing in what has been a challenging time for high street traders when shops had to close.

After nearly sixteen years trading and despite challenges due to the Covid19 pandemic, AHF Workwear is keeping extremely busy. The market stall was buzzing with customers, several purchasing the see-through face-visor.

Heidi says that purchasing the visors for retailing can be difficult as ‘prices are fluctuating daily’ and they have been outbid on several occasions due to the huge demand in the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Customers purchase the transparent face-visor from AHF Workwear in Plymouth Market

Customers are encouraged to not touch items for sale at the market outlet. AHF Workwear follows the government guideline of each display product being individually wrapped.

“Bagging items for sale is better, otherwise anything that is touched needs to be quarantined” Heidi explains. “We want customers to feel confident and safe.”

The stall is open six days a week and even when the market is closed the workload continues with online orders, emails and social media promotions.

Individually wrapped items during coronavirus as if touched items need to be quarantined.

Adam explains that the stall he and Heidi now trade from was one of the original retail outlets founded in 1973 when the pannier market first opened. The couple bought the business in 2005; it was previously called ‘The Sheepskin Shop’. They began trading as ‘Slippers’ but recently changed the name to AHF Workwear due to expanding into workwear and PPE, however, original lines including genuine handcrafted moccasins handmade in the UK are still sold to this day.

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