‘Go Beyond’ is a visual arts plan for Plymouth. Find out more below!

The Plan

We want the best possible plan for the future of visual arts in the city.

But we want to be sure that the people who really matter in terms of its conception and delivery – the members of the arts sector itself – play a major part in developing and driving that plan.

What we have so far is the result of consultation to date. But there’s a long way to go and this document is intended to be flexible to respond to changes and opportunities. So please feel free to input in the form on the right.

Click the button below to download the plan (total file size 3.7MB).

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The Vision

Our vision is really very simple:

For Plymouth to become a leading centre of excellence for the visual arts, consistently producing and exhibiting work of the highest quality.

To build international partnerships and projects, together with an international reputation to match.

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