A fully funded series of three workshops aimed at creatives starting out in business will take place in Plymouth this summer.

The free workshops, organised by Plymouth Culture and funded by Interreg’s C-Care programme, will help those looking to start a creative trade in the next two years, have new business ideas or have recently started a business.

The ‘how to’ style workshops will cover structures, marketing, audience development, funding and governance. 

If you have attended a workshop, you will also be eligible for one to one mentoring support.

Workshop one: Know your market

20 July, 1-3pm

– Do you know your market and what you are selling and who your audiences are?

– What is your value, outcome and impact?

– Develop a marketing plan, from social media to face to face contact.

– Exploring the demographic, business case that is Plymouth specific. 

Workshop TWO: Know your trade

27 July, 1-3pm

– What legal structure is suitable for your business?

– What skills do you need to manage your creative business?

– Tips and tools to prepare your business plan, implementation and management.

– How to achieve work-life balance, considering team working and collaboration.

Workshop THREE: Know your income

3 August, , 1-3pm

– Learn to gather your resources through partnership and grant funding.

– Learn the combined income model to sustain your business from selling, consultancy to grant funding. 

– Learn how to manage your finances, cash flow, budgeting and accounting.


The workshops are aimed at those improving the business side of their practice as well as  creatives taking advantage of the spaces on offer as part of the Meanwhile Use scheme that frees up empty, unused units in the city centre.

They will be hosted at a central location in Plymouth and are suitable for creative entrepreneurs starting out in sectors such as marketing, architecture, arts and crafts, design, fashion, film, video, photography, music, performing arts, publishing, research & development, software, computer games, electronic publishing, and TV/radio.

Each workshop lasts for two hours with up to 25 participants in each.

They are hosted by Zoe Li, an independent curator and creative facilitator, with more than 20 years experience in supporting organisations, artists and creatives through her work with Arts Council England, Somerset Art Works and Arts University Plymouth.