About Plymouth Culture

Hi, and welcome to Plymouth Culture. Our reason for being here is simple: we assist with the development of Plymouth’s cultural scene.  It’s a simple mission and all of our core work supports this one ideal. You can find out more about our four main areas of work below.

Plymouth Culture values transparency, honesty and enabling Plymouth’s cultural sector. We’ve tried to make this website as open and as useful as we can do, but if there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us and let us know.

What we work on

Plymouth Culture has four priority areas of work. We believe that each area of work is crucial for helping Plymouth’s cultural scene to flourish.

Nurturing Talent

We help nurture creative talent in Plymouth through schemes such as supporting internships and providing incubation space.

Community Engagement

Helping to engage more Plymothians with arts and culture is one of our core priorities – we support the Vital Sparks community art bursary programme and help support projects which involve more people with the arts.

Major Projects

With events such as Mayflower 400 on the horizon, Plymouth has some major cultural projects to work on. We are helping to advise on Mayflower 400 as well as opening up other projects such as a public art festival and the Plymouth Art Weekender.

International Projects

Plymouth Culture is helping to facilitate more creative projects working with other cities and organisations in Europe. We’re sure that this will open up interesting projects for arts and culture organisations, as well as broadening Plymouth’s international appeal.

How we are funded (2015-18)

  • Arts Council England – £399,374 73% 73%
  • Plymouth City Council – £150,000 27% 27%

Where our programme funds go (2015-18)

Heather Sabel

Heather Sabel

Executive Officer

Heather has extensive experience of European funding and is working hard on supporting and enabling international projects in Plymouth and its partner cities and organisations.

Joe Meldrum

Joe Meldrum

Communications Officer

Joe runs Made In Plymouth and works on the communications for Plymouth Culture. A local boy, he is keen to help his city’s arts scene flourish.